SAT Tests

My purpose for taking the SAT is solely to skip most of High School because I cannot complete 4 Ph.Ds (in Math, Computer Science, and Physics) if I spend too much time on the single the Common Core curriculum is too rigid to hold a flexible individual such as myself who is already compatible with most of High School Math, Reading, and Literary Skills. 

Test #1 (Dec. 2014)

This was my first actual SAT. The previous SAT I took in 5th grade was actually an SAT Subject Test Math Level I. Unfortunately, I do not have any verification document confirming my score of 630 on the test. However, speaking of my first SAT, I took this SAT without much preparation, and got a score of 1530 -- a tiny 10 points above the score of the average high school graduate.  

Test #2 (Nov. 2015)

To say the least, either before or after this SAT, it was a very harsh study experience. It takes a lot of self-motivation to make oneself his own teacher, and I think it paid off quite a bit, to say the least. This test, I got a 1580, which quite frankly is a very bad score -- a 60 point decrease from my original 1640 score. However, this was the closest I ever got to a 600 score on any of the sections -- I got 590 in writing, and a projected score of 590-630!

Test #3 (May  2016)

This was the first version of the New SAT I took. We had registered for the March 8th version, until finding out we had actually registered for the wrong year. I took 2 practice tests before this SAT, and they paid off quite a bit, along with my wealth of Math, Reading, and Writing experiences. I did well in Writing, and fairly well in Math(after all my focused practice on Math), however my Time Management flew through the window (or door?) when it came to the 65-Minute Reading section. I left over 8 questions unanswered, which is a huge mistake, especially when those questions are not taken penalty points off if wrong. Therefore, I will perhaps get most points and Math & Writing, however -- Reading will sink my score. 

Test #4 (June 2016)

To Be Announced. Please wait until June 5th for the announcement of the SAT.

Rashidul Bari